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Air Conditioner Installation Cost: Determining Factors

As spring quickly approaches, our temperatures are staying cool. Mid-late spring is arguably one of the most enjoyable parts of the year in the peach state as far as our weather is concerned. But soon enough, it will get hot and humid again.

Money surrounding air conditioner

When that familiar subtropical climate will grace us with its presence, you want the peace of mind that you are prepared as you can be with a functional air conditioning system. And if you discovered last year that yours is about ready to call it quits, then now is the perfect time to consider a Woodstock, GA AC system installation. But what will it cost you?

What Determines How Much Your AC Installation Will Cost?

The short answer is “it depends.” This is because it really does depend on a number of factors. For example, the installation of a ductless mini split could potentially be more than a central air conditioning system—however if you don’t already have ductwork installed in your home the complexity of this installation could impact the cost.

Our team is happy to help you determine what type of air conditioning system best matches your specific home and needs. After this though, there are still a number of other pricing factors to consider.

  • Efficiency: Efficiency is one of the biggest factors to consider when having a new system installed. Each air conditioning system comes with a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating, which tells you its level of efficiency. The lowest SEER rating on the market today is 14, while the highest is 20. The highest rated system are going to run best, but you want to make sure that the system is well suited for your budget and your home, no matter how efficient it is.
  • Ductwork: If you choose to have a central air conditioning system installed, then you will need to have ductwork in place. But what if you already have air ducts snaking their way through your home? Well, then you will want ensure they are in good condition. Were they professionally installed? Do they have any loose connections or damage? If your conditioned air is escaping through ductwork breaches, then your central AC system cannot possibly perform efficiently, and that ductwork damage will need to be repaired prior to system installation—which will impact how expensive or affordable your installation is.
  • Size: How big is your home? You’ll want to ensure that your HVAC professional helps you choose a system that is adequately sized for the home. If a system is too small, then it cannot possibly be expected to effectively cool your home. You can have problems with too large of a system too, though. Do not let an amateur HVAC installer convince you to go as big as your budget allows—you may be able to pay less if your home does not require as large of a system.
  • Community Rebates: Oftentimes, your community or municipality will reimburse you for installing a high-efficiency system. This is because the reduced energy usage helps the environment (in addition to your own wallet). Be sure to look into programs in your area.

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