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7 Heating & Cooling Mistakes That Are Costing You

You may think your home’s central air and heating is reasonably simple: hit the thermostat button for the desired setting, and then you’re met with either warm or cool air. But there are certain actions people make that result in an inflated utility bill and reduced efficiency of their HVAC system. So, what is the best way to avoid these mistakes? Learn from them! To help you out, our team of experts at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, are covering the most common blunders homeowners make with their HVAC system.

Mistake #1: Placing appliances near your thermostat

When it comes to real estate, you’ve probably heard the saying “location is everything,” and it applies to your thermostat too. Placed in the wrong position or near a heat source and you’ll get a false reading, which can cause your HVAC system to run longer than necessary. It’s best to isolate it from lamps, televisions, and direct sunlight.

Mistake #2: Cranking up the thermostat

Waking up to the morning frost is a cold wake up call, so you run to your thermostat and set it extremely high to get warm in what you hope is in an instant. We hate to break it to you, but doing this only makes your HVAC system work harder unnecessarily. Since it works at one steady speed, you’ll have to wait it out.

Mistake #3: Blocking off air vents

Perhaps the perfect placement for your rug is on top of an air vent, is it worth it? Your home’s vents must be clear of any obstruction if you want to avoid any problems. Blocking them with furniture, rugs, or curtains can exhaust your HVAC system since it has to work harder to push out air, which ultimately shortens its lifespan. A good rule of thumb is to give vents 18 inches of space.

Mistake #4: Skipping air filter changes

Did you know that your HVAC system’s air filters should be changed or cleaned regularly? Otherwise, dust particles and allergens build up and block air from flowing properly, leading to a high utility bill and equipment more likely to break down. Set a recurring reminder in your calendar, so you don’t miss out on this essential maintenance step.

Mistake #5: Shutting the doors to unused rooms

We hear this common misconception floating around A LOT, but we’re here to lay down the truth. Do not close doors to unused rooms to save energy; it will only do the opposite. Although this idea makes sense, many people don’t realize that your system expects to draw in the same volume of air as the amount it blows out. When you close off a room, the balance is thrown off, and pressure builds up, which creates a set of adverse effects. The air will try to escape in other ways through gaps in your window or into crawlspaces, which wastes energy.

Mistake #6: Sticking with an old thermostat

Committing to change can be a daunting challenge, especially if you’re comfortable with what you already have. However, upgrading to a programmable thermostat has many benefits. According to the Department of Energy, you can save up to 10% a year on your heating and cooling costs by adjusting your thermostat 7°-10°F for 8 hours a day from its normal setting. You can easily do this while you’re away at work or during the night when your household is asleep. Avoid any discomfort with a programmable thermostat that can automatically resume your preferred temperature by the time you wake up or return home.

Mistake #7: Passing up on regular maintenance

We recommend routine maintenance to help preserve efficiency and maximize the lifespan of your HVAC equipment. Proper care can also help prevent system breakdowns, costly repairs, or early replacement. At Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, we’re proud to offer our customers our Excellence Service Plan. On top of heating and air conditioning maintenance, you’ll receive exclusive discounts and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Here’s what our ESP includes:

  • Yearly precision tune-ups

  • Professional cleanings

  • Safety inspections

  • Discount on repairs or replacements

  • Option to transfer your plan if you move within the service area

  • Bi-annual maintenance reminders

  • Service backed by our 100% guarantee

Keep your HVAC system at its best by calling Premier Indoor Comfort Systems at (770) 268-2422!