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5 Tips for Fall HVAC Maintenance

Fall is here, and as the change in seasons occurs, we get ready to enjoy other changes, too. The change from watering the grass to raking the leaves. The change from watching baseball (and in this year’s case, basketball) to watching football season. The change from lemonade to pumpkin spice. And in the HVAC world, the change from air conditioning to heating. Keep reading for our top five tips for fall HVAC maintenance, and remember to call our professionals at Premier Comfort Systems year-round for your heater and AC needs.

5 HVAC Maintenance Tasks for This Fall:

  1. Clean out the Vents: It’s extremely common for dust and debris to build up in your HVAC units over the summertime. That’s why when the seasons change, you should always make sure your system’s vents get cleaned out. Keep in mind, for every one one-hundredth inch of dust on your system’s blower motor or coil, efficiency may be reduced by as much as 10%. So for the sake of your comfort and your energy costs, it is always smart to do this as soon as the temperature starts to dip.
  2. Inspect Your Outdoor Unit: If you thought keeping the inside parts of your HVAC system clean was important, wait till we get to the outside units. While your AC may end up generating more dust through frequent use over the summer, it is not uncommon for your system’s outside unit to become covered with leaves and other debris during the fall. This can be extremely bad for your heating and cooling system’s performance, and in some cases, may even create a fire hazard. To avoid increased repairs, decreased indoor air quality, and to help your system function better in general, simply inspect your outdoor units occasionally to ensure they are not covered in leaves, dirt, twigs, pollen, dust, and other debris. Modern HVAC units may be built to withstand a lot, but no system can operate at peak performance when there’s a bird’s nest in it.
  3. Check Your Thermostat: There’s never a bad time to check that your thermostat is working correctly, though it is an especially good idea to do this as you transition from using your air conditioner to using your heater more. If your thermostat is providing you with accurate temperature readings and responding to your commands correctly, perfect—you’ve got nothing to worry about. But if, for instance, your home remains overly chilly, no matter how much you adjust your thermostat, or you find that your house is burning up despite recently lowering the temperature, then you may have a problem on your hands. It’s also worth remembering that even if you have a programmable or “smart” thermostat, you should double check that it is adjusting to accommodate for your temperature needs when fall rolls around.
  4. Get Rid of Clogs in Your Condensate Drain Line: The condensate drain line is what transfers moisture taken from your home’s air during the cooling process outside, so it does not back up in your system’s drain pan. When a clog occurs in this line, your AC’s drain pan can fill with standing water, preventing your system from doing its job and potentially causing major malfunctions. After a hot summer of extended AC use, it is always a good idea to check your condensate drain line for blockages and wash it out using bleach if need-be (this line is the white pipe that runs from your AC unit to outside at the base of your house’s exterior.)
  5. Consider Calling a Professional: if you want to reduce the amount of time you have to put into HVAC maintenance, the best thing to do is hire a professional HVAC technician for assistance. At Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, we offer maintenance for heating systems, air conditioning systems, and heat pumps. Our technicians can address virtually all your system’s components, and are equipped with the training, experience, and tools to ensure everything is operating properly. We also offer indoor air quality options, including ventilation control systems and duct cleaning, as well as wireless thermostat upgrades to help increase your home’s comfort and energy-efficiency levels. Call today to schedule comprehensive HVAC maintenance with Premier Comfort Systems, or sign up for regular inspections and special offers through our Premier Comfort Club!

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