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5 Signs You Need a New HVAC Technician

Unfortunately, almost everyone has had an experience with a bad HVAC technician before. Whether they were running late, acted rude and unprofessional, or just didn’t get the job done right, few things are as frustrating as paying for a service appointment that doesn’t live up to your expectations. Premier Indoor Comfort Systems understands this firsthand, which is why we are here with the top five signs you need a new HVAC technician. Keep reading for helpful inside information, and remember that for trusted heating and air conditioning service, you can always call our experienced experts.

Watch Out If Your HVAC Contractor Does These 5 Things

  1. Poor Equipment Performance: The baseline for acceptable HVAC service is for your equipment to function properly once your technician has finished with it. Sure, there are times a repair may not be possible, and you are forced to pay for a replacement. But no matter what the diagnosis is, once your technician leaves the premises, you should not expect your system to break down again in the near future. From improper temperatures, to airflow restrictions, to poor ventilation and indoor air quality, if your heating system or air conditioner continues to experience issues after it has recently been serviced, don’t just call the same technician again—call our professionals at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems to get the job done right.
  2. Lack of Knowledge About Your System: The average HVAC technician should be familiar with a full range of makes and models of equipment. The next time you call a service professional, watch to make sure they take proper measurements, and pay attention to aspects like sizing. Knowing what heating/AC unit is right for your home is critical to achieving a comfortable temperature, and if your technician can’t answer basic questions about your equipment, they probably aren’t worth hiring again.
  3. Identifying the Wrong Issue: One of the critical aspects of being an HVAC technician is being able to trace your system’s problem back to its root cause. The average HVAC technician will probably have to spend some time troubleshooting your issue, but if they can’t pinpoint the cause of your system’s malfunction in one trip, that’s a big sign they’re not up to the task of fixing it.
  4. Lack of Availability: This is a big one; too many customers have horror stories where their HVAC technician took hours to arrive, gave them a vague service window, or could only provide repairs during an extremely inconvenient timeframe. By contrast, Premier Indoor Comfort Systems is available 24/7 for your emergency heating and cooling needs. We go out of our way to arrive ASAP, and promise to provide you with updates if we are running late for any reason. Again, the bare minimum for a good HVAC tech should be on-time arrivals and fast service, so don’t bother with companies that can’t provide exactly what you need exactly when you need it.
  5. Broadly Unprofessional Behavior: No one should have to put up with HVAC technicians who swear, show up unprepared, or give the customer attitude. At Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, we expect our service providers to demonstrate the utmost professionalism in everything they do—that’s why our experienced team is fully licensed to deliver nothing but the best work each and every time. Our service agreement guarantees complete satisfaction, and with responsive communication throughout the repair or installation process, you can always be sure our technicians at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems will listen and support your specific heating and cooling needs.

To schedule an appointment with a qualified HVAC technician from Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, call (770) 268-2422 today, or click here to request service online.