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3 Hidden AC Problems

There are a plethora of reasons your AC unit might not be running. From frozen coils to clogged filters to faulty capacitors, your air conditioning system is a complex piece of equipment that may experience issues for any number of reasons. However, sometimes those issues stem not from components in the unit itself, but from concealed, exterior factors that can cause problems for your system. Keep reading to find out about the three hidden AC problems you should watch out for, and remember to contact our HVAC experts at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems for all your air conditioning needs.

3 Common Reasons Your AC Isn’t Working (That Have Nothing to Do with Your System)

  1. Tripped Circuit Breakers: Your electrical panel distributes power to every outlet in your home, including the ones your AC unit and thermostat (assuming it’s not battery-operated) are plugged into. When a power surge occurs in your house, your circuit breaker will turn off, or “trip” your panel to protect your home’s electrical system. This has happened to every homeowner at one point or another, and is fairly simple to take care of. If your AC suddenly stops working, find your electrical panel and look for the breaker connected to your air conditioner and/or thermostat. If you see that it is in the “off” position, simply flip it back to “on.”
  2. Malfunctioning Thermostats: A faulty thermostat will not be able to send the proper instructions to your air conditioner telling it to cool your house. If you have already checked your panel or replaced your thermostat’s batteries, there is one more thing you can do. Turn off the thermostat’s panel/take out the batteries, and use a screwdriver to take it off the wall. Once you have accessed the back of your thermostat, locate the red and green wires, unscrew them from their terminals, wrap them together, then let go. Once you flip the breaker panel or put the batteries back in, your thermostat should now be working. If it continues to have problems, or you have an older model thermostat rather than one with a digital display, call an AC technician to take a look at it. You may also want to install a smart thermostat, as the advanced technology in these devices helps prevent this from happening.
  3. Dead Animals: It’s a gross fact that no one likes to think about, but when animals crawl into your AC unit they can cause a ton of problems. This is particularly common in outside units, where animals may try to make a nest, though it’s possible for mice or rats to eat through your inside wires as well. From leaving droppings to chewing on various components, nothing good can come of animals making their way inside your AC unit. To make matters worse, once an animal gets stuck in your air conditioner and dies, you will have to deal with the smell, too. As always, watch out for funky scents coming from your air conditioner, and if you can’t tell what’s wrong from the outside of your unit, don’t hesitate to call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems for an inspection of your system.

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