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3 Benefits of Using a Solar Air Conditioning System

Solar power has the universal potential for providing energy for homes and businesses. Photovoltaic panels and solar converters change the radiant energy of the sun’s rays into usable alternating current that can power any electrical appliance or system in a home. This is how a solar air conditioner operates: the PV cells and the converter send electricity to the air conditioner to run its components. A battery stores power for periods when there is no sun power available. For answers to all your questions regarding solar air conditioning and solar installation for your home in Bryson City, NC and throughout Western North Carolina, call the solar experts at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems.

Here are some of the major benefits of installing a solar air conditioning system:

1. They will save you money

Many customers balk at the upfront costs of solar panel installation and solar air conditioners. However, the amount of energy that a solar AC will save a home over the years can be tremendous and it rapidly offsets the upfront costs. Although you will still need to use some electrical power from the grid when running the AC, your electrical consumption should drop by 50% or more. (Remember, the energy of the sun is free.)

2. They are easy to maintain

This is something that many consumers do not realize about solar panel systems. The panels on the roof do not require extensive maintenance. As long as it rains a few times during the year (and it will, of course, in North Carolina), your solar panels will receive all the washing and cleaning they will ever need. They may require occasional repairs, but far fewer than for a standard air conditioner.

3. They help the environment

Solar energy is a renewable energy source and produces very few greenhouse gas emissions. It also reduces the demand on electric grids.

Give us a call for more information about the installation of a solar air conditioner, or for a solar energy system to power other parts of your home. Our technicians will examine your home and determine the best way to harness the sun to your advantage.