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Servicing all of Metro Atlanta & Western North Carolina


Heating and Air Conditioning Services by Premier in Sylva, GA

Contact the experts of Premier Indoor Comfort today for exceptional installation, maintenance and repair services for your heating and air conditioning systems.

Over the course of many years, Premier has offered top-tier heating and air conditioning service for all of our customers. This includes sizing, installation, and ongoing maintenance for all types of heating and air conditioning system. Also available is our 24 hour repair services if a problem ever develops with your heating or air conditioning system. We pride ourselves on the high standard to which we hold ourselves. W are committed to our workmanship and customer service.

Heating Services in Sylva, NC

Premier offers many types of heating services for your home in Sylva. Whether you need a new furnace, or a replacement for your existing heating system that offers higher efficiency, we can recommend and install the perfect match for your specific needs. Call Premier today to learn about radiant floor heating systems, ductless mini split systems, and high velocity mini duct systems.

Air Conditioning Services in Sylva, NC

A good air conditioning system is a must for any home in Sylva, NC. Premier offers installation, repair and maintenance services for new air conditioning systems as well as your existing system. Whether you have a traditional central AC unit or a high velocity mini duct system, our expert technicians can perform installation and air conditioning repair services in your Sylva, NC home.

Need Air Conditioning Repair?

A broken down AC is little more than a large, expensive set of metal parts. To make it functional again, you can rely on our team for all of your air conditioning repair needs. We can make sure that your central air conditioner or heat pump is fully restored. Contact Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC now, day or night.

Does Your Water Heater Need Service?

If you’re looking for a professional to fix your tank or tankless water heater, then look no further. We are your water heater repair experts in the greater Sylva, NC area. That means we can take care of just about anything when it comes to restoring the functionality and energy efficiency of your hot water system. But we also install new systems as well. We can find a tank or tankless water heater that matches your needs exactly. 

Other Services offered in Sylva, NC

  • Geothermal - When the time comes to replace your existing heating and air conditioning system, a geothermal system might be a good alternative. Contact Premier today to learn more about how geothermal systems work and about our geothermal services in Sylva, NC.
  • Solar - Whatever your home energy needs, don’t overlook the cost effective, environmentally friendly nature of solar energy. Premier offers complete solar energy services including installation of new solar energy systems throughout the Sylva area.
  • Water Heaters - If you are ready to have a new water heater installed, contact Premier today. We offer tank and tankless water heater services in Sylva including installation, repair and maintenance.