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Duct Testing Services by Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC

Duct Testing

Ductwork is largely unseen, performing a vital task often without getting the maintenance and repair work it needs. That’s why it is important to have periodic duct testing performed to check for possible leaks, missing insulation or air loss. By testing for such problems, you can repair your ductwork preventively and maintain high levels of efficiency. Contact us today to learn more.

Call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC today for heating and air conditioning services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas of Peachtree City, Tyrone, Canton, and Swain County, NC including the cities of Bryson City and Whittier, NC.

The Benefits of Regular Duct Testing

It can be tough to tell if there’s been a breach in your duct system, since the ducts mostly lie out of sight in your attic or crawlspaces. But duct breaches can cost you a lot of money and raise the possibility of further repair bills in the future. A qualified service can perform duct testing to determine if you need further repairs!

Duct testing should be performed on a regular basis to check for common problems such as leaks, cracks, or thinning and fraying of insulation. There are many benefits to having such a test performed every year or two on your home’s ductwork. Such a test will catch even the smallest cracks or leaks in your ductwork before they become substantial issues. This means, that before you start losing energy through cracks in your home’s ductwork we can catch and repair these leaks.

We can also recommend ways to improve the efficiency of your home’s heating and air conditioning system by checking the insulation and current status of your ductwork during these tests.

The Duct Testing for Your Atlanta Home

If you’re ready to have your home’s ductwork tested, give us a call and ask to have a professional visit and perform a thorough inspection of your system. We will check your ductwork and determine the best way to perform the test. Such a test can be performed in a single day and will require that your heating and air conditioning system be completely turned off. For this reason, it is recommended that you have ductwork testing performed in the spring or fall.

This test will be performed relatively quickly and then we can let you know our recommendations for improving air quality.

When the time comes to have your ductwork tested next, or if you have never had a test conducted on your ducts, contact the experts of Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC today. We offer comprehensive duct testing services for homes throughout Atlanta and the surrounding areas of Tyrone and Waynesville.