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Air Filtration System Services by Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC

Air Filtration

One of the most effective ways to improve the air quality in your Atlanta home is to have a new air filter installed. Air filters can potentially reduce the number of allergens freely moving through your air. If you are interested in having such a system installed, Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC can help.

Call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC today for heating and air conditioning services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas of Peachtree City, Tyrone, Canton, and Swain County, NC including the cities of Bryson City and Whittier, NC.

Types of Air Filters for Your Home

There are many types of filters available on the market today. The majority of filters are those that come with your home’s air handler. We offer upgrades for these filters that are more efficient and remove larger volumes of allergens and contaminants. There are other filters as well, including HEPA filters that removed significantly more contaminants: upwards of 99.9% of allergens 0.3 microns or larger.

HEPA filters are considered the top–of–the–line, most efficient option for home filtration. They remove everything from pollen to dust and pet dander and even some smaller particles such as exhaust fumes and pet odors. There are other options as well, including charcoal filters that are particularly effective at removing unwanted odors.

For many homes, the best solution is to combine different types of filters, including HEPA filters and charcoal filters, often with an air purifier to supplement. We can help you choose the right system and ensure it is properly installed given the specific layout of your home’s heating and air conditioning system.

Air Filtration Installation Considerations

When the time comes to have a new air filter installed, give us a call and one of our technicians will visit your home and perform a thorough inspection to determine the best solution for your specific needs. If upgrades become necessary for other components to ensure optimal airflow from your furnace or air handler, we will recommend them at this time and discuss your specific options with you.

The installation process for new air filters is very simple, however, it is vital that a professional help you choose one that will match your specific needs to reduce the potential issues that can develop with air flow.

If you are ready to have a new air filter installed or would like an upgrade performed on your existing air filter, now is the time to call the Atlanta air filtration experts at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC. We can help you choose an air filter that matches your needs and then install it for you.

Air filtration systems run the gamut from simple cheap filters in place when you install your HVAC system to more expensive cleaners and purifiers that electronically remove particles from the air. The right system for your Atlanta home depends on your individual circumstances, which is why you should speak to a trained and qualified expert about which one works best for you!