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Affordable Ways to Conserve Energy

Here at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, our Sylva, NC heating experts want to help you find affordable ways to save energy this winter. From small upgrades to weatherization, there are many affordable ways to save energy and money while improving your overall home energy efficiency. One of those ways is with routine maintenance, so call us for all your heating tune-up services.

Retrofit Your HVAC System

Even if it is not time to replace your old heating system, you can always retrofit it to make it more efficient. If you have a forced air system, you can always upgrade by adding zone control. Using zone control allows you to heat only certain areas of your home instead of heating the whole home at once. Not only does this help you save energy, but it can also make your home more comfortable.

Water Heater Improvements

Water heater improvements are easy and affordable, and they can help conserve a lot of energy in the long run. Insulating your water heater tank and even simply turning down your water heater thermostat are two easy ways to do this. If it is time to replace your water heater, consider a tankless model or a high-efficiency water heater.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Upgrading to a digital, wireless, or a programmable thermostat is an extremely cost-effective way to save energy. Newer thermostats are more accurate, and with a programmable model, you can get even more savings by automatically setting your thermostat to according to the times of usage. Wireless models can also provide more accurate readings depending on where you install them.

Conserve energy in your Sylva, NC area home this winter with more heating tips from Premier Indoor Comfort Systems. We are here to answer questions and provide you with whatever service you might need. Call any time for all your heating and home energy needs! 

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