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Spotting the Signs for Heating Repairs

service-timeGeorgia is certainly not known for any record-breaking cold temperatures. However, this in no way means that you can afford to underestimate the importance of your home heating system. Those very homeowners that say things like it’s not that bad off or hey, it’s running well enough are the same homeowners that wind up contacting us for heating repair in Woodstock, GA, right when they need their systems their most. Trust us, it is always in your best interest to handle problems when they first come up.

Of course, not every problem that you may encounter with your heater is going to give you obvious warning signs early on. Because of this, you’ll definitely want to keep today’s post in mind. We are going to give you some tips about spotting the signs that heating repairs are imminent. No, you’re not going to have a 100% success rate at eliminating problems before they cause some damage or become more serious. But knowing what to look for will give you the upper hand that you need to protect your system and your comfort—and even your safety.

Keep an Eye on Energy Costs

In these days of automatic payments for just about everything, we sure do make paying our bills convenient. Unfortunately, this may result in you overlooking a steady increase in your heating costs. Why is this a problem? Well, aside from the fact that you may unwittingly be overpaying to heat your home, you may also have a problem that is manifesting through a drop in energy efficiency!

If your heater is not working properly, then increased heating costs are among the first and most obvious signs of trouble—provided that you’re actually paying attention to how much you are paying to heat your home, that is. Keep an eye on your bills. An increase in heating costs may not indicate the need for serious repairs, but it probably does mean that action of some kind is necessary.

Listen for Strange Sounds

If you’re hearing strange new sounds coming from your heating system, or if it is making the same sounds that it usually does but at a much louder volume than usual, then it is definitely time to contact a member of our team. From strange hissing sounds to loud clanging or banging and even screeching noises, there are a lot of potential noises your distressed heater may make.

The good news is it could be something as simple as replacing a worn belt in the system. The bad news? Well, there could be a loose component actively suffering damages, you could have leaky ducts wasting energy, or a lot more. Working with a trained professional will ensure that the problem is diagnosed accurately for successful resolution.

Is Your System Running Reliably?

No, we don’t mean “is it starting up,” we mean is it running reliably. If your heater starts up but runs only briefly before then cycling back down, then there is a problem. This is called short cycling, and that is not the way that a heater is intended to run. There are a few likely culprits.

In the best case scenario, your system just has a dirty air filter that you need to change. You will need a professional to resolve the problem if your system has a faulty component like a thermocouple or thermostat. It could even be the result of a refrigerant leak if you use a heat pump! We’ll figure out precisely what is wrong.

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