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Prevent Heating Repairs with Routine Maintenance

dog-under-blanketWe would like nothing more than to tell you that there is a simple way in which to guarantee that you will never encounter problems of any kind with your home heating system. Unfortunately, this is not true and we are too honest to tell you that. In fact, not only is there not a simple way to guarantee this, but there is no way at all! Heaters are mechanical systems, and that means that your heater is going to run into operational problems from time to time.

Just because the occasional heating repair need is inevitable, though, doesn’t mean that there is nothing that you can do to keep those repair needs to the bare minimum. By scheduling routine heating maintenance with a member of our team, your heating repairs in Canton will be as few and far between as possible. There is simply no better way in which to minimize the risk of problems developing with your heater. 

Yes, You Need Maintenance Every Year

First things first, we cannot stress this enough. You absolutely must schedule professional heating maintenance on an annual basis. No, our weather around here is not as frigid as it gets in Vermont or Minnesota. No, the fact that you don’t use your heater as much around here as they do up there does not mean that you can skip tune-ups. If you are serious about keeping your heating system in the best possible condition, then an annual tune-up—or bi-annual for heat pumps—is a must.

Yes, You Need to Hire a Professional to Do the Job

There are a couple of heating maintenance tasks that you can actually handle on your own. For instance, you can change the air filter in your heater or furnace as needed. You can keep the outdoor unit of a heat pump free of debris. For the most part, though, this is a job that only a professional can handle.

A heating tune-up is actually a very involved process. There are electrical contacts to test, refrigerant levels in heat pumps to check, airflow levels to measure, moving parts to lubricate, and so much more. This is in no way a job that can be handled by a novice, no matter how many internet tutorials you may have watched!

Yes, There Are Other Benefits

As we mentioned, routine heating maintenance is the best way to keep your system operating reliably. By addressing the wear and tear incurred over the course of the heating season, you greatly reduce the risk of problems developing with your heater. That is not the only way that routine heating maintenance can benefit you, though.

Routine maintenance keeps your heater operating efficiently,  meaning that you don’t wind up overpaying for your comfort when temperatures outside get chilly. It also helps to extend the system lifespan, so you’re not going to wind up replacing your heater before you should have to. If you ask us, that all makes scheduling routine heating maintenance well worth the minimal effort and expense that doing so requires.

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