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How Ductwork Problems Affect Forced Air Heaters

sealing-air-ductWhen you run your home heating system, you obviously want that system to function as effectively as possible with as little associated cost as possible. Unfortunately, many homeowners wind up settling for less when it comes to overall efficiency and heating output. We believe that you deserve better than that, which is why our technicians are always here to help. That brings us to the next big obstacle, though. A lot of homeowners fail to realize that their heaters are faltering.

This is because not all problems with your heater are going to be very obvious. Yes, you may notice a drop in efficiency or even that your heater is not warming your home as successfully as usual. But if the heater is up and running reliably, has been tuned up recently, and isn’t making any weird sounds, then why worry? Well, because there’s more to your heating system than that heating unit itself. Your heat pump or furnace uses ductwork to distribute heated air throughout your home, remember.

Wait, You’re Saying My Air Ducts Are to Blame?

Well, no—we are saying your air ducts may be to blame for your heater coming up short on performance and efficiency. In many cases, the system itself may be compromised, necessitating heat pump or furnace repair in Atlanta, GA. However, your system itself may be functioning just fine while also leaving you less than impressed with your comfort and the cost it comes at. That suggests a problem with your ductwork.

How So?

Because heaters may heat air effectively and efficiently, but that air may not be delivered throughout the house effectively and efficiently. Then, the heater will have to work harder than it should to make up for such problems. This is the case when ductwork is damaged and leaking.

Why Would My Ductwork Be Compromised Like That?

For a lot of reasons. It can simply corrode over time, particularly as it passes through unconditioned spaces in the house that are very humid or just very hot. Pests can chew away at your ductwork over time. The ducts may not have been properly installed and connected to begin with (though not when we did the job!). You may even have damaged air ducts during a project done in their vicinity.

What Can Be Done About It?

You’ll want to schedule professional duct sealing, repair, and/or replacement, depending upon the type and the extent of the damage. In many cases, we’ll be able to seal up leaks using mastics designed specifically for this application—never duct tape! We may need to complete more extensive repairs, however, or it may just be best to replace the ductwork if the damage is severe or if the ducts weren’t integrated into the house successfully.

They May Be Very Dirty, Too

We offer air duct cleaning services, which surprises some homeowners. How dirty could ducts really get? Well, very! Not enough to form a clog that air cannot get around, probably, but enough that pollutants could clog up filters, collect on coils, and so on. Dirty ducts cause problems with efficiency and air quality, so let us clean them up for you!

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