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Air Conditioner Efficiency: Is Going Solar Right for You?

Monday, July 25th, 2016

When you think about cooling down your home in the summer, you’d probably never imagine using the power of the sun to do so. However, solar air conditioning is an innovative technology that provides an energy-efficient way to run your air conditioning all season long. Of course, going solar isn’t right for every situation or person, and there could be a better solution for you.

For example, some HOA communities don’t allow the installation of solar panels, but a ductless system may be a great option for you. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits and the opportunities that going solar presents, to make an educated decision on whether this technology is right for you or not.

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An Idea for the Change in Seasons: Solar Heating and Cooling

Monday, March 7th, 2016

March is an unusual time of the year when it comes to home comfort. Temperatures are warming up as the winter recedes, but there isn’t yet a steady rise to the summer heat. You’ll still use your heating system on some days and nights, but the air conditioning might also occasionally need to come on. And there will also be times when you won’t need to rely on the comfort system at all.

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Is Solar Power Effective During the Winter?

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

We encourage our customers to look into the possibilities of solar power installations for their homes. Solar technology continues to advance with each year, making it more accessible to homeowners for a variety of uses, from water heaters to air conditioners. We offer many solar products, such as the Lennox SunSource Home Energy System, and we are always glad to answer any questions you may have converting part of your home to using the clean and energy-saving power of the sun.

A question that solar professionals often receive from customers is if solar power will work during the winter. The answer is yes and here’s why:

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3 Benefits of Using a Solar Air Conditioning System

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Solar power has universal potential for providing energy for homes and businesses. Photovoltaic panels and solar converters change the radiant energy of the sun’s rays into usable alternating current that can power any electrical appliance or system in a home. This is how a solar air conditioner operates: the PV cells and the converter send electricity to the air conditioner to run its components. A battery stores power for periods when there is no sun power available.

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Solar Products Available for Installation in Atlanta

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

By now, you’ve probably heard about the many environmental benefits of switching your home’s power source to solar. Standard electricity and natural gas consumption contributes to greenhouse gases that pollute the air. Converting your home’s power source to solar energy panels can help you to protect the environment while cutting down on your monthly bills. In fact, you may notice solar energy savings beyond what you expected. When you produce enough solar energy to feed back into the electrical grid, your utility company credits you for the amount of the contribution, so you can actually get money back on your monthly bill. Any of the following products can help you to save money and use energy wisely with solar energy savings in Atlanta.

  • Solar Panels to Power the Entire Home: A whole-home energy system may be a possibility in your home, especially if you’re concerned about saving money from month to month. While the upfront cost can be quite large, the monthly savings should eventually make up for the cost. You can feel good about your environmental impact as this technology produces no hazardous carbon emissions and does not require any extensive drilling or mining to generate power.
  • Solar Air Conditioning and Heating: If you’re not ready to make the switch and power your entire home with solar energy, why not start with some of the biggest energy hogs in your home? The air conditioning and heating system occupies a large portion of your bills, but when powered with solar panels, you may cut your bills in half (depending on average usage).
  • Solar-Powered Water Heater: Conventional storage tank water heaters keep water heated throughout the day, resulting in quite a bit of standby energy loss—energy that is consumed by the appliance but not used. With a solar powered water heater, you won’t have to worry about the energy used to keep the water heated at all times, as this energy comes directly from the sun’s rays.

Not only do these products allow you to save money and feel good about your environmental impact; they’re also generally hassle-free. Solar panels require very little maintenance, and it’s not often that they’ll need repairs.

Call the solar experts at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems to discuss your home’s energy needs and find out about the potential solar energy savings available in Atlanta.

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