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Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air?

question-markHere in Georgia, you really have no choice but to take your air conditioning system, its overall condition, and its performance quality very seriously. It is just way too hot for way too much of the year to leave anything to chance. That is why knowing some of the warning signs that your AC is in trouble is so helpful. Sometimes these warning signs can be a bit tricky to detect. Other times, however, they are quite obvious. This is certainly the case with an air conditioner that is blowing warm air.

Sometimes homeowners convince themselves that an AC blowing warm air is not that big of a deal. Maybe it just needs a few minutes to catch up, right? Wrong. The fact is that no irregularity with the operation of your air conditioning system should be ignored. If your air conditioner in Marietta, GA is failing to provide you with the cool, comfortable air that you rightly expect from it, there could be a number of different problems at play.

You Might Just Need a Clean Filter

Wait, what? How could a dirty air filter lead to warm air blowing out of my AC? I thought that the filter just kept pollutants out of the air? Well, if that is what you think, you should know that there are a few issues at play here. First of all, no, the filter is not there to protect the air quality in your home. There are filters that can be used for this purpose, obviously, but the air filter in your air conditioner is there to protect the air conditioner itself.

When pollutants build up on vital components in your AC, such as the evaporator coil, they can hinder the overall performance of the system at large. When the filter is too dirty, that performance will suffer as well. A dirty filter can seriously restrict airflow through the system. If not enough hot air is passing over the evaporator coil, then that coil will not be able to sufficiently remove heat from the air in your home. In fact, this problem can even lead to the coil getting too cold, which can create an insulating layer of ice on the component! This will only compromise the system’s performance further.

You May Have Damaged Ducts

Have you noticed warm air coming from AC vents, but only in a certain area/areas of your home? If so, then the ductwork servicing that section/sections of the house could be damaged. If ductwork is damaged when you are running your AC, hot air from unconditioned spaces in the house can make its way in. Those rooms will not be as comfortable as others.

You Could Have a Refrigerant Leak

You can — and should — change your air filter on your own. Professional duct sealing services are needed for damaged ducts, but this typically not a very severe problem. A refrigerant leak, on the other hand, can utterly destroy an AC when given the opportunity.

If there is not enough refrigerant in your air conditioner, the system is going to run harder than it should have to even as it struggles to effectively cool your home. This can cause it to seriously overheat while it pumps warm air into the house, and eventually the compressor itself can fail. If you have any reason to believe that you have a refrigerant leak, such as warm air coming from the vents, ice developing on the system, or short cycling, schedule service immediately.

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