Why Keep a Fresh Filter in Your Air Conditioner

Man holding air filterSeriously? They’re taking a whole blog post to tell me to keep a fresh air filter in my air conditioning system? Yes, seriously. Because it is just that important.

If you’re serious about getting the best performance that your home cooling system has to offer, then you definitely need to keep a fresh air filter in your system. Why are we taking a whole post to explain how important this is?

Because far too few homeowners seem to take it as seriously as they should!

So read on, and remember to let the pros on our team handle any AC services in Atlanta, GA, that you may need.  

What a Standard Air Filter Does

Some homeowners mistakenly believe that the standard air filter in their air conditioners is there to boost indoor air quality throughout their homes. Then, they assume that the fact that their indoor air quality is fine means that their air filter is fine. This isn’t really how it works, though, because this air filter is not really there to boost indoor air quality throughout your home.

Instead, it is there to protect your AC itself. Now, if your filter does get clogged up badly enough, it is possible that air will be forced around its frame, and your air quality can be set back a bit in the process. However, this is not your main concern when it comes to problems caused by a dirty air filter in your AC system.

What Kinds of  Problems Are We Talking About?

Because the filter is there to protect your AC system itself, it makes sense that you’d run into potential operating problems when your air filter is too dirty. For starters, your system is going to be running under excessive stress. This is because an air filter is going to increase airflow resistance more the dirtier that it gets. With that increased strain comes increased risk of operational problems. It also comes at a monetary price.

The harder that your air conditioner has to work in order to cool your home, the more energy it is going to use in the process. And, the more energy that your system uses in that process, the more money it is going to cost you to cool your home. If you want to protect the efficiency with which your system operates, keep that filter fresh!

If your air filter is dirty enough, then it can actually wind up restricting airflow to the point that your coil gets too cold. When that happens, the coil can wind up freezing over, as humidity collected on the coil as condensation freezes. Then, the insulating barrier created by the ice further impedes the heat transfer process. This is a serious problem, can result in real damage to your system if you continue to force it to run. Short cycling will occur, as the AC overheats, and will drive up energy costs even further while increasing the risk of damage.

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