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3 Great Benefits of Ductless Cooling

Monday, July 29th, 2019

ductless-ACWe understand if you haven’t really been keeping up with the latest and greatest technologies in the HVAC industry. That’s what our pros are here for! That being said, if you are ready to replace your air conditioning system—or you need one installed in a brand new home for the very first time—you should definitely hit the pause button until you’ve weighed all available options. An air conditioning installation in Atlanta, GA, is certainly not something to rush into.

One option that you’ll want to give some attention to is the ductless mini split. Ductless mini splits have long been popular throughout Europe and Asia, and are used extensively in commercial properties here in the States. However, they’ve become a go-to home comfort option for homeowners throughout the country, and it’s easy to see why. Read on to learn more about ductless mini splits, how they work, and the many benefits that they have to offer modern homeowners.

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Is Your AC Blowing Warm Air?

Monday, July 15th, 2019

woman-too-warmThere are some problems homeowners encounter with their air conditioning systems that don’t really exhibit much in the way of symptoms. That is often why air conditioners wind up seriously damaged—homeowners don’t realize what’s going on, and then they schedule repairs only when trouble is already well underway. In some cases, though, the symptoms encountered are obvious. This is definitely the case with an air conditioner that is blowing warm air. Even then, however, some homeowners defer service.

That is precisely why “good enough” is never good enough when it comes to your air conditioner and its cooling output. The last thing that you want is to put up with a subpar AC performance, only to arrive at a point where costly repairs that could have been avoided with prompt action are needed. Today, we’re going to talk about some reasons why you may run into an AC that is blowing warm air—and why it may not always mean you need air conditioning repair in Milton, GA.

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How Prompt Air Conditioning Repair Benefits You

Friday, July 12th, 2019

AC-unitWe know that the last thing you want to think about during our insufferably hot summer season is a broken down air conditioning system. However, that is precisely why you need to be thinking about it! Air conditioning repair in McDonough, GA, is a matter of when, after all—not if. And the whole point of today’s post is the fact that acting promptly and getting those repairs out of the way ASAP is really the way to go.

Obviously, you’ll want to have your air conditioner repaired immediately if it should break down on you. What about those situations, however, when the system is still technically up and running? Those instances when you know something is off,  but the system is still cooling so, hey—no big deal, right? Wrong! Regardless of how serious the problem may be, you are setting your AC up for failure—and yourself for discomfort—if you don’t act fast to repair your AC.

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