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Isn’t My Air Conditioner Enough to Control Indoor Humidity?

The principle job of a home air conditioning system is to absorb heat from the indoor air and transport it outside, lowering the temperature of the indoor air in the process. As the air conditioner draws thermal energy to its evaporator coil, it also draws moisture from the air. The moisture condenses along the coil and then drips down into a pan, where a pump removes it through a drain.

So it is true that air conditioners have some dehumidifying properties that will make the air in a home a bit dryer. But, unless an air conditioner is specifically equipped with special humidity controls, it is not an efficient dehumidifier for a home—especially in place that can grow as humid during the summer as North Carolina.

How can I best dehumidify my home?

If the air conditioner can’t handle the job of balancing out humidity, what can you do to achieve more comfortable and healthier humidity levels in your home? The answer is to install a whole-house dehumidifier. These are devices that a professional indoor air quality specialist can integrate in your HVAC system.

Whole-house dehumidifiers use a similar action to air conditioners to remove moisture from the air. A refrigerant-cooled coil draws water vapor from the air, where it collects and is then removed through a drain. However, the dehumidifier then slightly reheats the air around it so that it will not interfere with the air conditioner and resulting air that is colder than it should be.

It is important for professionals to locate the right size and power of dehumidifier for a home. One that is too powerful will dry out the air in a home, and this is as much a problem as air that is overly humid. With properly balance humidity thanks a skilled installation, you’ll enjoy a more pleasant home environment and require less work from your AC to maintain comfort.

If you are looking for dehumidifier services or repairs for your air conditioning system, call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems LLC. WE serve Sylva, NC and other parts of Western North Carolina.


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