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Reasons to Consider a Wireless Thermostat for Your Home

Monday, April 27th, 2015

If you still have old manual thermostats in your home, or no-frills digital thermostats, it’s time to upgrade to new technology. Thermostats are more than just the devices you use to communicate with your air conditioner and heater. They can make your life more convenient, improve comfort, and help save money. One of the best options to consider for a new thermostat is a wireless model.

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3 Benefits of Using a Solar Air Conditioning System

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Solar power has universal potential for providing energy for homes and businesses. Photovoltaic panels and solar converters change the radiant energy of the sun’s rays into usable alternating current that can power any electrical appliance or system in a home. This is how a solar air conditioner operates: the PV cells and the converter send electricity to the air conditioner to run its components. A battery stores power for periods when there is no sun power available.

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Does My Geothermal Heat Pump Need Maintenance before Each Summer?

Monday, April 13th, 2015

A geothermal heat pump is one of the most durable of all residential comfort systems. The one that you have working for your home (and give us a call if you want one installed) should last for decades while providing you with energy-efficient heating and cooling. The indoor heat pump components of a geothermal system have an average lifespan greater than 20 years, and the ground coils can endure for more than 50 years!

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How Does a Home Electronic Air Purifier Work?

Monday, April 6th, 2015

When you are looking for methods to improve the air quality in your home, you will find you have many different options. Some will work better than others. Some may have no effect at all. This is why you should always seek the assistance of indoor air quality professionals who will not only find the right air cleaning method to match your home’s needs, but who will also install the new system so it works with maximum efficiency.

To get a good start with increasing your indoor air quality, call on the experts at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems. We install a variety of air filters, purifiers, and cleaners for homes in Franklin, NC and the surrounding areas.

The electronic air purifier

One of the choices you have for cleaner air is an electronic air purifier. A professional can integrate this device into you HVAC system, where it can remove some of tiniest particles of contamination that circulate through your ducts. Where standard air filters do well at stopping larger contaminants such as dust, dander, and pollen, for getting through, they have difficulty with gas and odor molecules. Electronic air purifiers, however, are excellent at eliminating these pollutants, such as smoke, pesticides, and household chemicals.

Here’s how an electronic air purifier performs its job: It create an electric field through a process called corona discharge that affects a section of the HVAC system that all air must pass through. This field ionizes particles in the air, which causes the larger ones—such as contaminants—to either gain or lose an electron. A particle that gains an electronic develops a negative charge; a particle that loses one develops a positive charge. These negatively and positively charged particles are now attracted down toward a set of plates on the purifier where they are trapped. A number of differently charged particles will also be attracted toward each other, clump together, and fall out of the air.

This process keeps your air clean and also doesn’t interfere with air flow. An air purifier can be combined with mechanical air filters for extra cleaning power: ask you indoor air quality professional about the best set-up for your needs.

Premier Indoor Comfort Systems is glad to help you with installation of air purifiers and other indoor air quality devices. We also provide repair services and maintenance whenever your air purifier needs them. Call us today to find out more about how we can help your household enjoy the healthiest and most comfortable air possible.

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