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Why Clean Your Ducts Before Summer

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Spring is the season when you are likely to use your HVAC system the least. Between the winter cold and summer heat, you’ll have less reason to turn on either your heater or your air conditioner. However, the ductwork that channels the cool and warm air to your rooms will not take a vacation during this season. Out of your sight, the ducts have developed dust and dirt contamination, and the passage of time won’t decrease it. This spring, call for professional duct cleaning in Bryson City, GA so you will have a fresh start for summer and your air conditioner.

We need to stress professional… you cannot effectively access your ducts or clean them on your own. The work requires more than just putting a vacuum hose into an open vent.

For local duct cleaners with the equipment and knowledge to get the job done right, call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems.

Why you need to have clean ducts before the summer starts

Since you rarely see the inside of the ductwork in a home, it is easy to dismiss the contamination that can develop inside them. But it’s important that you have as much of it cleared away before the air conditioning starts its steady work sending cool air through the ducts.

The main reason to schedule cleaning is that it will improve your indoor air quality. Circulating excess dust through the air, as well as other pollutants like dander, dust mites, and pollen, will lead to skin and eye-irritation, breathing trouble, headaches, nausea, coughing, and asthma. People with allergies are especially susceptible to low quality indoor air, but anyone will suffer symptoms from air blown through dust-congested vents.

Clean ductwork is also important for the efficiency of your air conditioning system (as well as your heating). It only takes a thin layer of dust to impede the airflow through the vents, and this forces the AC to work harder. As the dust and dirt clogging becomes heavier, the HVAC system will struggle, and this will raise your energy bills.

If the ducts have excess contamination, they can also damage the HVAC system. If contamination enters the cabinet, it will affect the components, leading to burnt-out motors and compressors and damaged fan blades. The dirtier the ducts, the more repairs the air conditioner connected to it will require.

Is it time for duct cleaning?

If you have gone for more than two years without professional duct cleaning in Bryson City, GA, then you definitely need the job done this spring. If you are unsure, open one of the vents (floor vents are easier) and reach inside with a digital camera to take a snapshot of the interior. If you see something that resembles a clogged air filter in a car, then you need duct cleaning.

Premier Indoor Comfort Systems specializes in improving indoor air quality for our clients and keeping their air conditioners and heaters in excellent shape. Call us for duct cleaning before switching on your air conditioner for the summer.

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How Capacitors Work in an Air Conditioner

Monday, April 21st, 2014

In towns like Atlanta, air conditioning systems are as important as running water. Hot muggy summers can turn your house into a steam bath without a reliable air conditioning system to help you through it. When repairs are needed, a good service can be your best friend, though it helps to understand some of the basics of air conditioner operation so that you have a better idea of why things go wrong. Take the capacitor, for instance. It’s a vital part of the air conditioning system and when it runs into trouble, it usually requires the services of a professional to repair or replace.

How Capacitors Run Your Air Conditioner

The capacitor works in conjunction with the compressor and the fan motor. It’s used to store an electrical charge, though the exact purpose of the charge varies depending upon the capacitor.  Run capacitors work to maintain a regular voltage for the components to which they are connected, as well as increasing the torque (the force of rotation) when the motor or compressor first starts up. Start capacitors are more limited, and are just used to provide torque for the start up. They shut down once the air conditioner is running.

In both cases, a faulty capacitor means that your air conditioner won’t start up, or at best will start up under extreme strain and duress. Without the compressor, the refrigerant gas can’t create cool air and without the fan motor, that cool air won’t be blown into your home. The good news is that a trained technician can usually repair or replace the capacitor without a whole lot of fuss. He or she needs to test the voltage and find the correct rating, as well as the proper microfarad rating for the part. Once he or she has that information, electricity can be turned off for the unit and the capacitor can be repaired or replaced.

Here in Atlanta, air conditioning repair can’t afford to fall down on the job. We pride ourselves on our reliability, for your capacitor or any other problem your air conditioner might have. Call us today and let us show you what we can do!

For more on how capacitors work in an air conditioner, or to schedule an appointment to get yours repaired, call the experts at Premier Indoor Comfort Systems.

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Air Conditioning Repair Issues: Fan Problems

Friday, April 11th, 2014

A central air conditioning unit is a complex piece of machinery, but it helps to understand it if viewed as two larger operations working together. First is the refrigeration operation, the part of the AC that handles removing heat from one place (indoors) and then placing it elsewhere (outdoors). The second is the distribution operation, which takes the product of refrigeration (cooled air) and sends it out into the rooms of your house.

Fans are an important part of both operations: they draw air across coils to allow for heat absorption and release, and they send air through the ductwork toward the vents that open onto your living spaces. Without correct fan operation, an air conditioner faces trouble on two fronts. You can lose your cooling power, airflow, or both because of fan issues.

Malfunctions in fans need professional repairs, as do most issues in an air conditioner. For excellent air conditioning repair in Atlanta, GA from a company that always aims for 100% customer satisfaction, call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems.

AC Fan Troubles

A basic problem an AC fan can encounter is having its blades bent because of debris (gravel, stones, etc.) that enters the cabinet. A bent blade will begin to strike its casing, causing more damage—but at least it will create a loud clanging noise to alert you of the trouble.

Older air conditioners have fan belts connecting the blower motors to the fans. These belts will eventually suffer enough wear and tear (especially without regular maintenance) that they will fray and break. Not only will this stop the fan from working, but the belt will snap around the air handler and injure other components. Don’t try to change this belt yourself: it isn’t like fixing the engine belt in a car.

A fan can freeze and stop working because of heavy dirt and dust contamination. You will need a repair technician to open up the cabinet and dismantle the fan to clean it thoroughly. In some cases, the fan’s engine may also need replacement. (To avoid problems like this in the future, regularly change the air filter and schedule annual maintenance to clean the unit.)

Call Repair Technicians to Investigate Fan Problems

Not all fan failures stem from the fan itself: the system may have electrical problems or thermostat issues. When you detect trouble with an AC fan, call for experts to analyze the problem and find a proper solution.

Turn to Premier Indoor Comfort Systems for air conditioning repair in Atlanta, GA that will protect your home’s comfort. We have an excellent track record with heating and cooling homes since 1999.

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Does Discolored Water Mean I Must Replace the Water Heater?

Friday, April 4th, 2014

When you turn on a hot water tap on your sink, or perhaps in your bathtub, and you notice a rusty-brown coloration in the water that flows out, it usually means there is trouble inside your home’s water heater, possibly because of corrosion. You may have heard that at the first sign of rust inside a water heater, you need to have the whole unit replaced.

However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Before you call up for water heater replacement, look over these possibilities. Then call a trusted water heater technician to inspect your system and see what he or she can do to repair the system; if it needs replacement, the tech can assist you with finding the right unit.

Premier Indoor Comfort Systems has been a trusted name in water heater installation in Bryson City, NC since 1999. Call us for fast, effective, and honest service.

Causes of Discolored Water

If your water heater isn’t old (under 10 years) and you’ve kept up regular maintenance on it, it’s doubtful that it needs replacement because of brownish water. The water discoloration may come from your plumbing if you have old steel pipes, and not from the water heater at all. The discoloration may also come from the municipal supply, so run cold water from the faucet as well for a stretch to see if it also comes out with thatr rusty hue. If it does, then there’s trouble with your water supply and you should contact the local water utility company.

Problems that could come from the water heater itself are often due to lack of maintenance. (You should have maintenance scheduled once a year from a trusted company.) The anode rod that keeps away corrosion from the tank can have rusted all the way through and start allowing rust to enter; you’ll need repairs fast to prevent the corrosion from spreading. The discoloration can also occur because of a build-up of sediment inside the tank. During regular maintenance, technicians will flush out the tank to stop this accumulation of particles from the water gathering too thickly. Flushing the tank often eliminates the issue of water discoloration—and gives your heater a longer lifespan.

However, it’s sometimes true that your water heater will need to have a complete replacement. If the unit is older than 15 years, then it might have reached the replacement stage already. Call a water heater specialist for a professional verdict, and follow the specialist’s advice.

For excellent water heater installation in Bryson City, NC, contact Premier Indoor Comfort Systems. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction on every job we do. Don’t guess when it comes to your water heater: call us!

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