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Tips to Avoid Heating System Breakdowns This Winter

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Having your heater break down in a North Carolina winter isn’t the emergency catastrophe that it would be in many northern states—but that doesn’t mean it’s an enjoyable experience. If at all possible, you want to avoid a winter breakdown, even if the winter usually only has lows in the 40s.

Here are some good tips that will help you prevent an uncomfortable and potentially costly loss of your heating during the winter. Premier Indoor Comfort Systems can help you get the most from your heating system, and we’ll be there when need repairs or maintenance for your heating in Bryson City, NC.

How to prevent winter break downs with your heater

  • Schedule repairs the moment you think you need them: Probably the No. 1 cause for heaters breaking down unnecessarily is neglected repair needs. If you start hearing strange noises from the heater or smell odd scents from the vents, don’t ignore the problem and hope it will go away. It won’t; the problem will get worse. At the first sign of a loss of heating power or an overworking system, call for professional repairs.
  • Enroll in a regular maintenance program: You should have regular professional maintenance done on your heating system every fall… but it’s never too late to start with it. Maintenance will provide an inspection of your system and locate spots that need cleaning or adjustments. If any repair needs are brewing, your technician will find them and tell you what needs to be done. After a maintenance check, you will have a heater in top working condition.

Premier Indoor Comfort Systems offers an excellent maintenance program to help keep your heater from breaking down during the worst times. We can also provide you with the targeted repairs when you need them. Call us today for your heating in Bryson City, NC.

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Some Common Repairs for Radiant Heating Systems

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Having radiant floor heating installed in your house is a great way to get effective and energy-efficient warmth. Radiant heating systems are especially good ideas for new home construction, but existing homes can also be retro-fit to enjoy their many benefits. Premier Indoor Comfort Systems has done extensive work installing and repairing radiant floor heating systems. Even if we didn’t peform the installation for the system in your home, we can easily take over the necessary maintenance and heating repair in Atlanta, GA that will keep it running for many years.

Because radiant heating systems use hydronic (water) power, they have few moving parts and therefore a reduced need for repairs. However, no system can run 100% trouble-free. Here are some of the repairs that radiant floor systems may need. You should only trust repair work to professionals.

Common radiant floor heating repairs

  • Sealing leaks: Any hydronic system is susceptible to leaking, and radiant floor heating is no different. The closed-loop copper or PEX tube system of radiant floor heating makes them highly resistant to corrosion—but not damage from outside stress such as sagging floor boards and cracked stones. Professionals use leak detection systems to locate where the leaks are occurring in the panels and pipes, then create a small penetration to make the repair. The flooring material is replaced once the repair is completed.
  • Replacing damaged tiles/panels: Sometimes, improper installation of radiant floor heating will place material over the pipes that cannot properly absorb the amount of heat the system produces. This will eventually cause damage to the floor, such as cracking and warping. Repairs (preferably from a different company than did the poor installation) will replace the damaged tiles/panels with proper ones that will work with the system.
  • Replacing damaged mixing valves: The mixing valve on the hot water tank for radiant heating thermostatically controls the water temperature sent through the pipes. If it malfunctions, it can lead to insufficient heating, or heating that is so high it begins to damage the floor material (see above). In most cases, you will need a professional to replace the mixing valve so you get the proper temperature control.

Call for professional repairs

You should definitely avoid do-it-yourself techniques with radiant floor heating. If you try to rip up wood floors or stone floors to get at the piping, you will most likely do further damage, both to the floor and to the heating system. Technicians with precision tools can take care of this work for you fast and effectively.

Contact Premier Indoor Comfort Systems when you need heating repair in Atlanta, GA to restore the toasty warmth of your radiant floor heating.

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Signs Your Ductless Split System Needs Heating Repair

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Ductless split systems don’t rely on one single central system to warm your home. Instead, they divide your home into different zones, each warmed (or cooled) by its own individual unit. This allows you a great deal of control over the temperature in each section of the house, as well as letting you turn the heat down in rooms you aren’t using. They are very cost effective, but like any other system, they need repair every now and again. Here are some signs that you ductless split system needs heating repair.

  • Low heat levels. A ductless unit that struggles to create enough heat may be suffering from low refrigerant levels, could have a problem with the coils or any number of other issues. Heat pumps struggle when the temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so that could be a factor if the temperatures are low.
  • Low air flow. If the indoor unit’s fan is damaged, if the motor is overloaded, or if the electrical systems are experiencing problems, it will likely result in a low air flow. A technician can pinpoint the problem and repair or replace the affected part.
  • No power. Obviously, a ductless split unit that refuses to turn on at all is experiencing severe problems. If could be a burnt-out more or an electrical short, a professional can tell you whether repair or replacement makes the most sense.
  • Higher bills. Sometimes, an indoor unit will appear to work just fine, but an internal problem can force it to work harder to do its job. In that case, you’ll see it reflected in a higher monthly heating bill.

If you spot any signs your ductless split system needs heating repair, call Premier Indoor Comfort Systems immediately. We handle heating repair in Atlanta, and our trained experts will get to the bottom of the problem, so call us to set up an appointment today!

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Should I Wait for a Breakdown Before Scheduling Heating Repair?

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Georgia enjoys mild winters, but we still experience stretches of uncomfortable cold when we need to have our home heating systems working their best. No matter how well we maintain our heaters, sometimes they will need repairs… and sometimes they will break down.

As with anything mechanical, people often wait for a heater to fail before they seek out repairs. They may sense that something is going wrong inside the heater—perhaps a bizarre rattling noise in the furnace, or a reduction in airflow from the vents—but don’t see it as an issue to address until the heater shuts down completely.

However, if you know something is wrong with your heater, you should never hesitate to call for repairs. We can’t emphasize this enough. Professional repairs from a company like Premier Indoor Comfort Systems will go fast and with little inconvenience to you. The consequences of delaying heating repair in Marietta, GA until a breakdown are too high.

Why you shouldn’t wait for a breakdown

  • Repairs will be more expensive: Catching a single repair need before it spreads will mean a much less expensive repair job than having to replace the entire heater.
  • You won’t have to go without heat: Take it from us, most major heating failures occur on the coldest days of the year—that’s when your heater will get pushed to its limits. You will have uncomfortable hours ahead waiting for repairs, and most HVAC technicians will already have very busy schedules with other emergency work.
  • You might permanently damage your heater: Pushing a system to a breakdown could spell the end of the system entirely, and you will need to have a full replacement. The damage that can occur to a heating system could be catastrophic if you let it go for too long, especially if you have an older heater.
  • It’s potentially hazardous: If you have a gas-powered heating system, like a natural gas furnace, allowing repair needs to go without attention can be dangerous. Never delay with scheduling repairs for gas appliances.

Make sure to schedule regular maintenance as well

Aside from arranging for timely repairs to prevent a breakdown, you should also enroll in a maintenance program with a trusted HVAC contractor. This will keep your heater in good shape with annual check-ups and tune-ups, and decrease your worries about surprise breakdowns.

Premier Indoor Comfort Systems offers an excellent service plan to take care of your heater, with discounts on repairs and replacements. Call us today to get started on your maintenance and heating repair in Marietta, GA… before your heater gets pushed over its limit.

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