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How to Tell if There’s a Problem with Your Radiant Floor Heating

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People in Atlanta use all types of home heating, not just traditional furnaces or boilers. That includes radiant floor heating, which runs a series of tubes of coils beneath the floorboards of your home, then warms them to produce radiant heat. It’s an extremely efficient means of heating your house, without the drafts or cold spots created by forced air furnaces. Like any other system, though, it can experience problems from time to time, and you may periodically need to call in a repair service in order to address them. Before that can happen, you need to spot the signs of trouble when they appear; in most cases, the sooner you can address the issue, the better. Here’s how to tell if there’s a problem with your radiant floor heating.

The first and most obvious sign is that the heating isn’t working. You don’t feel the warmth in the floor, and the room doesn’t feel any warmer. If your system extends over several rooms, you should check each room to see if the problem is systematic or limited to just one section of the heater. Either way, you should shut off the system and contact a service professional as soon as possible.

Another sure sign is to look for damage to the floorboards themselves. With some systems, you may be able to spot leaks or cracks in the floors, signaling an issue with the coils underneath. You may also notice an unusual smell resulting from a leak in the tubing or some other issue with the heater. Some homeowners will mistakenly increase the heat levels in an effort to “cook-off” the odor. This is a mistake and could result in further damage to your floors. Again, the proper course of action is to shut down the heater and called in a trained technician.

Why is My Radiant Floor Heating Not Working?

Learning how to troubleshoot your radiant system is essential, regardless of whether you use a hot water radiant system or an electrical radiant system. To troubleshoot radiant floor heating, we will look at some of the most important things you need to do.

  • Check Your Wall Thermostat - Wall thermostats are usually the cause of problems with radiant in-floor heating systems. If your thermostat is faulty, your heating will not work properly. It is always cold in a room with thermostats that do not close properly. The best part is that defective thermostats can easily be inspected and replaced.
  • Does Your Defective Zone Valve Need Replacing? Start by turning off the circuit breaker. The water supply can then be turned off by disconnecting the wires and turning off the zone valve. Drain the coil of water by opening the drain valve as well. Afterward, you need to remove the old valve from the copper pipe supply, hot water, and the pipe leading to the heating coil. Make sure you take your old valve to the home center to get an exact replacement.
  • Should You Replace Your heating Mat or Cable? Under rough flooring or between subfloors and finished flooring, heating mats or cables are found. For access to the heating mat or cable, you must remove the top floor. With a digital multi-meter, you can take readings from each section to determine the part that needs replacing. Select the Ohms range on the multi-meter. Make sure you have the old set of cables and mats on hand in order to get an accurate replacement.
  • Is Your Room Not Getting Warm Enough? In the event that your room does not heat sufficiently, your thermostat may open sooner than it should or your zone valve may not open fully. A defective heating mat or cable can also cause the problem.

If you know how to tell if there’s a problem with your radiant floor heating, you also know to contact someone properly qualified to fix it.Premier Indoor Comfort Systems handles heating repair in Atlanta, including a plethora of issues with radiant heating systems.

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